Combine services to keep more money in your wallet: Estate package consisting of your will, trust, advance health care directive, and power of attorney: $1000 -Get everything you need in one estate planning binder for only $1000.

1. Nonstatutory (Personalized) Will-$500

You have the freedom to add other rights, responsibilities, terms and conditions not included on the statutory will, such as:
-authority of personal representative (full or limited), which affects how much court supervision is needed, if any, to make decisions to carry out your will, pay creditors, transfer title, etc.
-specification of bond requirements or waiver thereof for personal representative
-specific conditions you’d like satisfied before someone takes
-specific actions you’d like done or not done to your assets

 2. Will plus Trust (revocable)-$1000

(includes an affidavit of holding property in trust for another instead of a deed so as to preserve title insurance)

Property in a trust avoids probate, which means no court supervision (and related costs) is needed for the distribution of those assets and your assets will not become public record. You can pour over any remaining assets into your trust at your death per your will.

3. Statutory Will-$300 

-has court supervision to help protect your assets
-has mechanisms to protect minors

4. Trust Only-$500
(includes affidavit of holding property in trust for another)
This will create a trust (see above) but will not have any components of a will.

5. Power of Attorney Over Financial Affairs so bills can get paid when you are too ill to do so yourself-$250

6. Advance Health Care Directive so your beliefs and medical desires are honored-$250

7. Changes to an existing will, trust, or other estate planning document? Contact Edwards Law Company. 

PRICES CAN BE ADJUSTED TO MEET YOUR INDIVIDUAL NEEDS! Edwards Law Company is really trying to help you, the client, secure services you need. Contact us today.

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